Bang Up Job By Ko Maruyama This week, FXhome announced the release of a new plugin for gun muzzle flashes. This plugin gives all of those compositors access to those flicks of light and flares of fire that issue from the barrel of a gun (even if it's an alien Ray Gun). ...Read More »
E On Softwares Vue 6 xStream By David Basulto E-On Softwares Vue 6.5 xStream is not only an extremely powerful addition to any 3D workflow; it allows you to be creative to your hearts content. To create the environments in any other program would take an immense amount of time. In Vue 6.5 xStream its a snap. ...Read More »
FPS Creator By Mike Jones In the late 90s Macromedia Dreamweaver popularized a concept that had long been experimented with - a software application that wrote the programming code for you. Effectively this evoked a paradigm where a user could work visually as a designer and have the software generate the required code based on that visual construction. It is in this mode that we get FPSCreator, a software system designed to allow for a visual and accessible approach to creating 3D First Person Shooter games without ever punching a line of code. ...Read More »
Nucleo Updates By Ko Maruyama GridIron Software, the makers of Nucleo and Nucleo Pro have announced the release of new updates to their popular multiprocessing plugin and new features to come for Nucleo Pro 2. While After Effects CS3 has new features which takes the place of the smaller of the two plugins, GridIron has dedicated themselves to the support of their product for the earlier versions of After Effects ((AE 6.5 & 7)). ...Read More »
Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac By Kevin Schmitt Unless you've been living under a rock for the last year or so, chances are that you've at least heard that you can run non-Apple operating systems on Intel Macs using a number of methods. The one we're going to concern ourselves today is virtualization, focusing on a product that, to the outside observer, seemed to come out of nowhere in the last year: Parallels Desktop for Mac. Version 3 has just been loosed upon the Mac universe, so let's see what's doing in the latest rev of the virtualization solution for Intel Macs. ...Read More »
Alienware MJ-12 8550 By John Virata Alienware has been making media workstation class systems for several years, and the company tends to offer some interesting solutions targeted at the high end. The company takes advantage of the latest CPUs and graphics subsystems and builds systems that are well thought out, aesthetically pleasing to many, all in mostly black system cases. The Alienware MJ-12 8550 is a super fast media workstation designed to meet the needs of those working with all manner of content creation applications, such as non-linear editing systems, digital audio, 3D, CAD, compositing, and DVD authoring applications. ...Read More »
Command & Conquer 3 returns, cheesy video and all By The Associated Press It's another bleak forecast for the future in the new video game "Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars" ...Read More »
voXover By Heath McKnight voXover, created by Audiofile Engineering, is a voiceover software application for Mac users created specifically for those who work in this field, like with video game voices and the like. On the companys web site, the makers of the software argue that the application will streamline these processes. ...Read More »
Skymatter's MudBox By Todd Perry Ever since someone thought of the idea that an object could be defined by a set of discrete points inside of a computer, other people have been trying to come up with efficient ways of inputting or creating those points and the faces created between them. Twenty-five years ago guys were using plotters to define points from 2-d schematics for The Last Starfighter, (keep in mind that Im only focusing on the entertainment industry and not the foundation that CAD created). ...Read More »
STRATA 3D CX 5.1 By Ko Maruyama Wow. Strata 3D. It was one of the very first 3D software packages I learned. I don't remember what version it was when I tried to learn it, but I do remember that it was one of the easiest to learn and one of the most affordable packages that would run on the Mac OS. Now, Strata has kicked out some kickin' software for the Mac again, packed with options - -and Universal Binary power. ...Read More »
Racing games offer a number of different ways to speed Racing video games have come a long way since Pole Position was considered cutting-edge back in the 1980s. We look at Full Auto 2: Battlelines, Test Drive Unlimited and Need For Speed Carbon. ...Read More »
Look out, game consoles: Luxury PCs offer cutting-edge performance, hefty price The new video game consoles already look pretty wimpy compared with the latest gaming PCs. The Wii? Whatever. The Xbox 360? No match. The PlayStation 3? You can't find one anyway. So maybe you should try the Falcon Northwest Mach V or the Alienware Area-51 7500! ...Read More »
A look at PS3 and Wii launch titles Fans on both sides of the Wii and PlayStation 3 argument should stop complaining about which system is better. For once, they're both right: Each system has its share of excellent games _ and a few stinkers, too. The lowdown on some initial offerings that are exclusive to each of these next-generation systems, for those of you lucky enough to have somehow scored one: ...Read More »
Latest video game consoles make choosing just 1 tough The makers of video game consoles may someday develop a machine that delivers on all the pre-launch hype, but we're not there yet. ...Read More »
OverTheEdge's Unity 1.5.1 By Paul M. Unterweiser I'm an independent, serious games developer and, although I've worked with other operating systems in the past, my primary operating system has always been Windows. Over the last year or so, my studio has spent most of it's time and resources creating prototypes, demos and games for a number of clients and target markets. ...Read More »
`Flight Simulator X` delivers a wonderful dose of realism The biggest difference between a video game and a simulator? Realism. Video games are meant to entertain, after all. Simulators, on the other hand, are usually educational tools. ...Read More »
Gamers Offer Rave Reviews For Sony PlayStation 3 Crammed in the corner of a hotel's banquet hall, they stood and stared silently, mesmerized by what they were seeing. They were watching a soldier gunning down a giant monster on one TV and Miami Heat's Dwayne Wade taking over an NBA game on the other screen. ...Read More »
Scaring up some good games just in time for Halloween It really shouldn't be that hard to scare up a few new video games for Halloween. Most titles on store shelves already seem to involve some level of gory first-person bloodletting anyway. ...Read More »
Scarface` game thrills with action, strategy and more action Pretend for a moment that Tony Montana somehow survived the bloodbath between his "little friend" and hundreds of rival gangsters at his sprawling Florida mansion in the movie "Scarface". ...Read More »
"Defcon: Everybody Dies" A Chilling Game There's a line in the 1983 movie 'WarGames' where Joshua, a computer-generated character inside the Pentagon's main war computer, has this to say about nuclear war: " strange game. The only winning move is not to play." ...Read More »
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