Gaming Is Big Business...for Those Employing Predictive Analytics For online and video gaming, the upheaval in industry practices toward digital has caused a drastic reconfiguration within business models, advertising revenue and the general approach to the industry at large. In this live webcast, you'll learn how predictive analytics can help you analyze a myriad of data, understand the attributes of high-value players, predict lifetime value and score individual players on various affinities so you can deliver the right offer at the right time. ...Read More »
Content Insider #320 - Being Human By Miles Weston We're still digesting all of the stuff we saw at CES. But we did notice a few things that stuck out like sore thumbs to us. The best keynotes (there were dozens), the best booths were those that were focused on the customer (the show visitor), not how great, how cool the company was. Funny how that works the places you want to spend the most time, associate with, buy from are the firms that aren't huge design wonders but human-centric. ...Read More »
Content Insider #278 - Social Chaos By Miles Weston Social media is a great way for 1:many conversations/sharing. It's a great marketing/service support tool. It's a great way to get into a verbal brawl. Face it, it's fun to watch the drama unfold as long as it isn't you that's being hammered. You know, "she beats her significant other," "I don't beat my significant other." And now you're wondering if there's some truth and who's right, who's wrong. The discussion gets so heated that the opponents forget the whole world is watching/listening. Need a good example just see what happened at the end of a very successful game developer conference. Maybe that's why most publicists/communications/marketing folks only send messages out and if you ask a question...silence. ...Read More »
5 Questions on Legal Issues for Game Developers By Dave Anderson Besides the usual issues related to game development, as the business shifts ever more to connected technology whether it is console, mobile, apps, MMOG, nearly all games contain some element of online connectivity. The changing legal environment and the applicability of various privacy laws to the data that is gathered through this connectivity is raising all sorts of issues. ...Read More »
Content Insider #275 - Diversity By Miles Weston GDC 2013 was the dramatic rise of indie developers, smartphone/tablet apps and a whole lot of social media/session ego matches. Forget the last item because it was only a distraction to what was a very informative, enlightening learning opportunity for a whole lot of men and women. There are opportunities everywhere for young and old to show off their creativity and gaming expertise. Soon there will be no time to watch TV...anywhere. ...Read More »
Content Insider - Game On By Miles Weston GDC is one of the few events we go to where people should be having loads of's gaming for gosh sake! Instead it's a bunch of young men/women wanting to scrape very bit of knowledge and insight from the speakers they can so they can make the next big hit. It just started so we aren't certain what is going to come out of the conference but we'll summarize all of that at the end. ...Read More »
How to Work with a Business Accelerator By CDATABy John Moore for Digital Innovation Gazette Looking for help to launch your own business? Look to business accelerators, which can provide the resources and advice to make money from your app. ...Read More »
AJA Ki Pro Finishes First for Digital Garage Formula 1 (F1) Drivers Lewis Hamilton, Bruno Senna and Heikki Kovalainen recently took to the race track, except this time, the race was digital. Codemasters, developer of the new F1 2012 video game, brought the drivers together for a promotional event during the Italian Grand Prix, where they raced on a digital track using Sony PS3 consoles. The BBC was onsite to record live action footage of the event, while UK reseller & systems integrator Digital Garage Group Ltd. used AJA Ki Pro digital video recorders to capture gameplay from the developer versions of the game consoles. All footage was edited and used to create a BBC segment that aired during the Singapore Grand Prix. ...Read More »
The Top 5 Movie Phones By Simon Munk for Men's Life Today Still squinting to figure out whether that`s Leighton Meester or Minka Kelly on your screen? It`s time to check out the new crop of movie phones. We pick our favorites. ...Read More »
App Marketing: Standing out from the Pack By CDATABy Tim Kridel for Digital Innovation Gazette As the number of Android and iOS apps increases, so does the challenge of grabbing customers attention. Heres what you need to know about app marketing. ...Read More »
Has UI and UX Innovation Plateaued? By Tim Kridel As speech control starts to replace touch interfaces in some apps, it`s worth pondering whether new UIs will make for a better UX -- or just more confusion. ...Read More »
Power Your Apps With GPU Programming By CDATABy John Moore for Digital Innovation Gazette Harness more processing power for your apps by tapping into the GPU. A computer`s CPU traditionally carries the application workload, but developers can now tap a programming approach that engages the graphics processing unit (GPU) as well. The concept, referred to as General Purpose GPU, or GPGPU, essentially makes the GPU available for computing chores other than graphics. The ability to offload tasks from overtaxed CPUs can boost application performance. In addition, writing programs to leverage more resources make for improved energy management -- tasks can be targeted toward the parts of a system that consume less power. ...Read More »
CDATABy Tim Kridel for Digital Innovation Gazette By CDATABy Tim Kridel for Digital Innovation Gazette If Apple launches a smaller iPad and a larger iPhone this year, will that device diversity force developers to revamp their apps? Yes, but that`s not necessarily a bad thing. ...Read More »
Apple Cooks up DIY iOS Apps By Tim Kridel for Digital Innovation Gazette A recent Apple patent application could flatten the iOS learning curve to the point that even novices can crank out apps. Here, three developers weigh in on how the proposed tool could affect the iOS ecosystem. ...Read More »
Augmented Reality: Expanding the User Experience By CDATA[By John Moore for Digital Innovation Gazette]]> ...Read More »
In-app Purchases: How Developers Are Making the Sale By Tim Kridel for Digital Innovation Gazette Some developers get a significant amount of revenue from in-app purchases, which already generate about $1 billion annually. Here`s what to consider for your app development. ...Read More »
App Developer Competitions: Worth It? By John Moore for Digital Innovation Gazette A mobile app competition can increase your business prospects, but be sure to pick your battles wisely. ...Read More »
Improving UX on the Cheap By John Moore for Digital Innovation Gazette Perfecting your apps UX can be a costly endeavor. But adequate planning and tightly focused study groups can keep costs under control while ensuring the finished product is of high quality. ...Read More »
App Developers Meet BlackBerry 10 By Tim Kridel for Digital Innovation Gazette Although BlackBerry 10 devices wont hit the market until early 2013, developers such as Gameloft and Truphone have been using it for months. Heres what they say about its features, the learning curve and why other developers should consider the OS. ...Read More »
How to Win: Lessons From FarmVille`s Founder By a Swords Mark Pincus knows how to win -- and learn from losing. Here??s what you can learn from him to succeed in your career. ...Read More »
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