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It keeps you entertained for just the right amount of time By John Haley
Electronic Arts is a big name in gaming, they create Action, Fantasy, Sports, and Strategy. They hit a huge variety of the gaming market, and this year they brought it to the iPhone. What better way to have people love your game even more is a combination of a fun game and the iPhone / iPod Touch’s Accelerometer, they way they work makes your feel like you are more apart of the game.

    Electronic Arts released Spore Origins back in September, so it has been out for a little while now, and if you aren’t playing it right now,  then I am sure you have heard its name on the streets. EA created a game that is so out of this world, and it isn’t just for kids 4 years and up, but everyone will have a fun time playing as this little creature and watching it grow only to eat bigger creatures. I ‘d like to think of spore as an Adventure / Strategy game rather then put into a puzzle category, I found myself exploring a new world eating all sorts of underwater creatures.  Don’t worry if you don’t like seafood or if you or vegan, these are only make believe creatures. 

Purchasing this game has been made simple though the iTunes App Store, and if you have your account set up all you have to do is click the “Buy App” button, the price is fairly priced at $9.99, yet recently I have noticed it has been on sale for a limited time for just $7.99. The download is quit hefty for a mobile game requiring 79.9MB of free space,  but don’t think it isn’t being put to good use. The moment you start up the game you are welcomed by the EA logo which then blasts out to the SPORE ORIGINS splash screen.

EA has kept it simple as far as knowing we hate to wait, so every time you launch SPORE it quickly loads right the the level you left off at, of course this is after you set up your character during its first launch. After that you are good to go. When you start Level 1, you are quickly guided with a few helpful hints on the accelerometer and then you hunt down your first meal!

At first it may take you a little getting used to, could possibly be the first level is most challenging, but then you’ll understand it. I’ve been playing for awhile now and still it seems challenging for quick maneuvers, but over all it handle extremely well as it should. Once in the game you can always go into the options “Set Relative Tilt Angle”, yet I just ended up using the default.

What I find equality important important to a game is the in game sounds, it’s what really makes your feel the environment, and what is going on during the game, and I really think EA has brought that to SPORE, and you will
really fill it throughout the entire game.

Throughout the game you will find many different kinds of power-ups, and they are all there to help you beat the level and stay alive, the power-ups have a time limit and run out, so use them to your advantage and survive.

The goal of this game is to eat up creatures smaller than you, earning evolution points for every creature eaten, after completing each level, you have upgrade your creature by adding on armor, and weapons, also you can change your color and shape,  little things like that, yet it adds to the game. Yet that’s not the whole game, there is strategy on some level which goes into playing as your little creature, and some you really have to think about. But when you die, and it will happen, you simply just replay starting that level over again. Which is great because it keeps you moving through the game.  A few times throughout the game you will be prompted with an objective on what you must do in order to complete the level, some of them could be challenging when you get closer to the end of the game, I suppose we could call them boss levels.

    Spore Origins can get pretty addicting, you’ll noticed that you will want to work hard to get to the next level, and once you beat that one you’ll end up playing the next realizing that you’ve just completed 8 levels and possibly an hour or two has passed. Yet don’t think you can beat it in one day, there are 30 challenging levels, so good luck. After a little bit go playing I did notice that my power saving option was still in affect and my screen would dim because I wasn’t touching the screen at all, which was sorta of an annoyance but not the worst thing.

    At one part of the game on Level 20,  some how I left the map and was still playing the game swimming on the outside of the map, I found myself just circling the whole outside of it trying to find my way back into the game. Finally I made it back my way in at some part of the map and finally completed the level.

    EA knew they this game was going to be for everyone, so they kept everything simple, and you will see that from the Pause Menu, with simple animated menus and a clicking sound when you make a selection.

    If at anytime you need additional help, don’t be to shy. Take a look inside the Pause Menu and click the help button, there you will find help on EVOLUTION / SURVIVAL / EDITOR / CONTROLS / ABOUT. All which are very detailed to help you out and is a simple read, so you get exactly what you are looking for.

    Over all, I think it is a very fun game to play on the iPhone or iPod Touch, it keeps you entertained for just the right amount of time. I played it several times while I was waiting at the laundry matte, or in line for the movies.  I don’t know how it compares to the PC/MAC version of the game, but I find this a great alternative if you haven’t been much of a gamer yet wanting to try new things, like play SPORE.  Spore is a new experience in a video game, and just might be your favorite new video game. If you are someone who likes to try before you buy then you are in luck Electronic Arts has released Spore Origins LE which is a lite version of the game and is FREE. Yet you won’t get all 30 Levels.  But once you play, you may be hooked and I am, just have fun!

Keep and eye out for Need For Speed and The Sims which are coming soon to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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John Haley is a freelance video effects artist, and demo artist. Recent projects have included creation of animations for many of Mattel's Sizzle Reels, designing motion slates, and animation of the Air Quality Index for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). He has worked on promo, commercial and music video compositing as well. John is a graduate of Video Symphony's Motion Graphics Program in Burbank, CA.
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